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Check out the Centennial Campaign Booklet which provides a great overview of the campaign goals and objectives!



Centennial Campaign Goal - $3 Million

Double the number of youth participating in Scouting in the next 5 years, through three key areas:

1. Grow & Support Scouting $ 2,500,000

2. Upgrade Scouting Facilities $ 40,000

3. Camp Decorah $ 460,000

Establishing endowed funds of $3,000,000 will ensure that $150,000 is available annually to help deliver on the campaign vision.

Please note:  the Centennial Campaign goal is to raise funds to help the council Grow and Support Scouting now and for future generations. All contributions to this campaign will stay 100% local. It is not affiliated with any campaign which is related to the National BSA Chapter 11 settlement.

Here's the Centennial Campaign Progress toward the $3,000,000 Goal as of June 1, 2024


For more information or to get involved with the Centennial Campaign, please contact Scout Executive/CEO Joe Carlson, joe.carlson@scouting.org or 608-615-0298


Find video footage of the May 6, 2022 Centennial Gala here:

Co-Chair Message from Mark Binsfeld and Jansen Dahl: 

Scouting creates leaders through hands-on learning, community involvement, and service to others. Our local board has a comprehensive plan to develop an even stronger Scouting program. To execute this plan, funding is a crucial piece. We hope you’ll consider giving financially to this Centennial Campaign. When you support Scouting, you are investing in the future of our local community.

Contributors to the Gateway Area Council Centennial Campaign will be recognized on a Donor Wall as part of the enhanced Scout Service Center. 

View the recognition levels here.

Download a pledge form here.

We are sending information out monthly to those who we have connected with so far about the Centennial Campaign.  
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Mark Binsfeld

Mark Binsfeld

Board Member

Jansen Dahl

Jansen Dahl

Board Member