OA - Dues & Golden Ticket

2020 Annual Membership Dues

The beginning of the year means time for membership renewal. Annual dues cost $15 for Youth and Adult Arrowmen. You must be a currently-active registered member of the Gateway Area Council, or a district or unit chartered within it, in order to be a member of the Ni-Sanak-Tani Lodge of the Order of the Arrow.

Golden Ticket

Registering for all lodge events for the year can be as easy as buying a Golden Ticket! For $100 for Youth and Adult Arrowmen, your Golden Ticket includes admission to the six lodge events and a special NST Lodge Flap.

All lodge events included with the Golden Ticket are: Annual Banquet, Wing Ding, June Induction, August Induction, Fall Rendezvous, and Section Conclave. Lodge members who purchase a Golden Ticket still need to register for each event they plan to attend, so the lodge can plan for the number of participants at events.

A payment form is available below for both Annual Dues and Golden Ticket.

Pay 2020 OA Dues & Golden Ticket

Position Name Telephone
Lodge Advisor Glenn Walinski (712) 577-0557 Email