Polar Bear Award

Polar Bear Award

Want to go camping this winter? You might be able to receive the Polar Bear Award! See the instructions below to learn more.


Criteria to Receive the Award

• Open to organized council units and their leaders. The outing must be done on a patrol/troop/crew basis.

• Camp for 24 consecutive hours with temperatures going below freezing.

• Sleep in a tent, tarp, lean-to, or improvised shelter, and cook at least three meals.

• A parent or guardian must accompany Cub Scouts.

• Two adult leaders must be in camp when the applicant qualifies for this award.

• Every Scout can earn the Polar Bear Award. Adults may earn the award when they camp with a BSA-registered unit


To receive the award, a unit leader must provide a letter or email to the Council Commissioner, John Hanley, at hanleyjc@outlook.com stating who completed the requirements.  Upon council approval, leaders can purchase the patch from the Scout Service Center for $4.00.