Popcorn Update 2

Good afternoon Gateway Council Popcorn team:

You are receiving this email because you were either in attendance at the Popcorn Kickoff meetings held on Aug 13 or Aug 15 or are listed as the popcorn kernel/chair for your unit for 2019.  The most up to date items are at the top of this email.  Items we shared last week are down below the green line.


We are going to send out weekly notes throughout the popcorn sale to share pertinent information as well as to try and provide answers to common questions and share updates.


Site Sale Locations and Sign Ups

Once again Festival Foods & Valley View Mall has requested that sign ups for their store locations be coordinated through Gateway Area Council.  We are putting this process online this year through Sign Up Genius. 

The web link is located here:  https://tinyurl.com/GACpopcorn2019

There should be plenty of spots for all dens, packs, troops – we just ask that you be respectful of other units as you sign up.  Don’t go ahead and grab all the spots at once.  That being said – this lets you see when someone is not signed up to sell as well so that gives you the opportunity to fill in the gaps.
If you need help getting signed up for a Site Sale location please contact Rebecca.bieze@scouting.org or 608-784-4040

Wal Mart and Woodmans have historically been receptive to selling as well – units can go ahead and book at those sites directly.  There are lots of other locations out there as well, farmers markets, Friday night football games, at church on Sunday, and more.


$850 Chicken Club
New this year is an extra prize / recognition level.  This is for ALL SCOUTS – even those whose unit is not doing the prize program.  Each time a Scout gets to the $850 level they are eligible for Dancing YouTube Chicken. This is in addition to the prize they would select from the prize program.  Each unit should have gotten a chicken at the 8/13; 8/15 Kickoff which you can show your Scouts to get them excited.



Reminder that the next big upcoming deadline is:  September 14 by 12:00pm Show-N-Sell orders due online at PRPOPCORN.COM


Please let us know how we can help!


Joe Carlson | Scout Executive, CEO