Scouting at Home


Get connected and have fun with the "Scouting @ Home" Challenge!

Start these virtual Scouting adventures and challenges - for youth and adults!  Scout on while keeping a social distance!

CHALLENGES:  Work on any of the youth or adult leader challenges below and you can earn a special patch!

SCOUTING @ HOME PATCH:  To receive the patch, complete the challenge, then:
- use the online completion form and submit
- print the printable completion form, fill-out, scan or send a photo to

SHARE YOUR FUN:  Share a photo or video of your Scout and Family in Action on the all-new, private Gateway Scouting Family Connection Facebook Group.


Online Merit Badge Classes:

SAFER-SIM with the University of Iowa has developed a free, self-guided, online resource that allows Scouts to complete merit badges completely virtually. We are giving Scouts the opportunity to complete the Traffic Safety Merit Badge and the Engineering Merit Badge at their own pace. Some of the scouts in your council have already utilized this resource, but we would like to expand our reach even more!  

Our goal is to gain more awareness for these resources, so if there are any Scouts that may be interested in doing it, feel free to forward this email to them. I have attached fliers for each of the badges and you can also check out our website to learn more about the Traffic Safety Merit Badge and the Engineering Merit Badge

EMB Flier

TSMB Flier


Cub Scout Advancement Videos:


Scouts BSA Advancement Videos

Doodles – Animation Merit Badge

Draw Every Day – Art Merit Badge

Learn to Splice – Pioneering Merit Badge

Cook a Meal for Your Family- Cooking Merit Badge

The Water Cycle- Weather and Environmental Science Merit Badge

Plan and Analyze Four Games- Game Design Merit Badge

Reinforce a Frame- Home Repairs Merit Badge

Conduct a Home Inspection- Home Repairs Merit Badge

Mime a Story- Theater Merit Badge

How To Prepare A First Aid Kit

Prepare A Family Emergency Plan



Note:  CYBER CHIP:  Scouts should complete the Cyber Chip to work on some of these challenges, as online research or other internet activities may be needed.


Cub Scouts - 30 Day Challenges

(Click the image to view and print the challenge)








Scouts BSA 30 Day Challenges and Online Merit Badge Challenge

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Venturing 30 Day Challenge

(Click the image to view and print the challenge)



Scout Leader Challenges:

- Use technology to have meetings via video conference or conference call with Zoom Meeting, Free Conference Call, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc. Here is a video conferencing help sheet.

- Here's a quick video tutorial on How to Use Zoom

- Take the online training that you've been meaning to get to:

YOUTH PROTECTION: It’s important that we all continue to keep youth safe whether our Scouting activities are taking place in person or through a digital platform - that means following youth protection guidelines (two-deep) in person, through a web conference, over the phone, via text, or in any other form.  


Here are some other resources while Scouting @ Home:


Self Guided Activities for Cub Scouts

Scouts, be sure to talk to a parent or guardian before trying these at home.

“Virtual Zoo” Activity Instructions
“Motor Away” Activity Instructions
“Games Tigers Play” Activity Instructions
“Picasso Self Portrait” Activity Instructions
“Outdoor Code & Leave No Trace” Activity Instructions
“Getting Knots Squared Away” Activity Instructions
The Importance of Washing Hands
Break Time Activity Ideas


If you need any help with your activities or challenges, please contact your District Leaders or Council Commissioner below:

Position Name Telephone
Scouts BSA District Program Tim Mading (608) 317-6120 Email
Seven Rivers District Chairperson John Parkyn Sr. Email
Winding Trails District Commissioner Mark Siple Email
Board Member Tom Smith Email
Scouts BSA District Chairperson Eric Strauss Email
District Executive Vacant (608) 784-4040 Email