Camp Decorah Specialty Week

Go Beyond the Badge! 

July 17-20, 2023

Camp Decorah's new specialty programs are a way for your scout to explore their interests further, experience a new adventure, and form new friendships. The program is geared towards older scouts in your units that have already had the opportunity to go through the standard camp program and are looking for something more.


The programs are open to all Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Exploring participants 13 and older. Each program needs a minimum of 6 participants to run. Registration for the program closes on June 1st.


While badge requirements could potentially be earned, that won't be the focus of the week. Each day will bring a new adventure and new challenges. Scouts will be expanding their skillsets and going on trips to access new outdoor spaces; no bookwork, no prerequisites, no boxes to check.


Schedules are flexible and are subject to alterations depending on weather and the interests of the scouts that week. Most of the program days will run from approximately 9am - 4pm each day, potentially starting earlier or running later on certain days depending on timing for off property trips. The schedules will be discussed in further detail with the program participants and their guardians once registration has closed. We'll have at least one Zoom meeting for each program to discuss details like clothing requirements each day, any additional personal gear the scouts might want to bring, allergies and food restrictions, and whether the group is interested in spending more time on certain activities than others.


While the week is designed to be a day program, an overnight buy up is available for $100. This will include adding breakfast and dinner for each day and camping in a campsite or lodge. Camping will be as a provisional unit.Supervision will be provided by their program guides or other council approved volunteers or staff.

If any adults would like to volunteer to assist with certain day programs as an expert, or just as additional supervision, email to discuss the details.



Wet and Wild:

Aquatics program featuring kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddleboard, and snorkeling. The program will make use of the pool, pond, bay, and off site trips to Wazee Lake and down the Black River.

Bassmaster Challenge:

A fishing program featuring bay, pond, river, and lake fishing as well as flyfishing. Scouts will learn new techniques for catching and cooking fish, and will take a trip to the DNR to learn about conservation.


Project C.O.P.E.:

A C.O.P.E. and Climbing program featuring teambuilding and initiative games, Low C.O.P.E. elements, a High Ropes trip to U.W.L., climbing practice, rappeling and chimney climbs at the Camp Decorah wall, and rock climbing with an outfitter at Devil's Lake. 


Detailed Schedules and Registration coming soon!