Trainer's Edge 2024

The Trainer's EDGE is a more advanced course to hone the trainer's skills. It strengthens platform skills and understanding of the EDGE method. It is also required for NYLT and Wood Badge Staff members. It is part two of the three part T3 training continuum. (Please read the sidebar for more information.)

Course Content

  • Module 1—Communication— Review the basics of verbal and nonverbal communication for a trainer, introduce the EDGE model, and give the participants an opportunity to use the model.
  • Module 2—Training Preparation—Logistics, Media, and Methods— Review the steps to take in preparing a presentation.  Review media and methods a trainer uses to deliver a syllabus.
  • Module 3—Directing Traffic and Thoughts— Review how to developing a course culture,facilitation, participant focus, and managing the group.   
  • Module 4—Participant Session— Provide practice in delivering participants’ prepared presentations and feedback.


Feb 24, 2024

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