Why Get Trained?

Would you start a cross country road trip without looking at a map or using a GPS?

Probably not. You might start going in the general direction without looking at map or an exact plan. But you will likely miss an important turn or mile marker. You will waste a lot of fuel, time and energy getting to your destination.

The same is true in Scouting. You have guided your scouting program in the general direction, but you have also probably felt the stress of spinning your wheels and making wrong turns here and there. So now is the time to get trained or refresh that training and share your experiences. Take a look at your scouting road map. Training is there to help you find the best route.

Once you are trained; you will notice that most of the stresses of planning and leading your scouting program fade away because you now have the knowledge and tools to be successful.

Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader!!!



Wood Badge

April 5-7th, 2024

April 20-21st, 2024


National Youth Leadership Training

Next Course
June 9-14th, 2024 

Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training

February 3rd, 2024


Cub Adventures for Adults



Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation

May 17-18, 2025

Scouting Now / Scouting How

Spring Merit Badge Day

Scoutmaster Position-Specific

November 9, 2024

February 1, 2025

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

May 17-18, 2025



Trainers EDGE


February 22, 2025- Loaction TBD

Leave No Trace


Wilderness First Aid

First Aid

April 26-27, 2025

CPR Renewal April 25th, 2025