Cub Scout Fundraising

Cub Scout packs are funded in typically in one of two ways.  The first way is in assessing dues for the year based on an overal pack yearly estimate.  More commonly, a pack fundraises in some fashion to support the youth in the pack, and typically that is participating in the council Popcorn Sale.  Some packs choose to do alternative fundraisers like brat frys, poinsettias, carwashes, flags, and even mulch, check with your local pack on their fundraising plans.

All scout fundraising events need to be authorized by the Boy Scouts of America through the use of a Unit Money-Earning Application (fundraiser approval form) at this page

To ensure compliance, all unit fund-raisers MUST OBTAIN WRITTEN APPROVAL from the local council NO LESS THAN 14 DAYS before the fund-raising activity.


Council Popcorn Sale

Click here for information for the Council run Popcorn Sale.  Every unit is encouraged to participate in the Fall popcorn sale, a smaller scale Spring sale is run to help scouts get to camp.


Council Fundraising Campaign

Friends of Scouting


Fundraising Dos and Don'ts (and Best Practices)

It's best to do a fundraiser that targets people outside your unit. A cake auction, for example, would most likely be attended only by Scouting families. So, the same families that would be paying the unit expenses are still paying them. Fundraising should be an opportunity for other community members to support Scouting if they want.

When checking out new fund raising options, a lower up-front investment and a larger percentage of profit are two keys to success. It's also important to have a product that people need or want but don't often purchase for themselves.

Fundraising do’s

  1. Do file a unit money-earning project application for approval by both the local council and the chartering organization. Submit this application to your council service center at
    least two weeks in advance of the proposed date of your project.

  2. Do check local laws regarding solicitation rules and permits.
  3. Do select money-earning projects that are suited to the ages and abilities of youth participants.
  4. Do select money-earning projects that teach youth members to earn their own way.
  5. Do follow safe practices listed in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Fundraising don’ts

  1. Don’t solicit funds in the name of Scouting; only local councils have the authority to solicit funds.
  2. Don’t conduct unit money-earning projects without adequate adult supervision.
  3. Don’t forget to use the buddy system, and don’t go into unsafe or unfamiliar areas.
  4. Don’t conduct unit money-earning projects after dark or in unsafe pedestrian areas.
  5. Don’t sell fireworks as a unit money-earning project. That’s an unauthorized activity.