Popcorn Hub 2024

Your one-stop location for links to all items which will support the Fall 2024 popcorn sale!

To sign up Show & Sell locations such as Festival Foods & Wal Mart visit here

The Council Popcorn Key which is needed to place a Show and Sell Order is:  624GAC

The Fall 2024 Popcorn Sale is almost here! 

This means that the Fall 2024 sale will have:

  • Greater variety of popcorn products, including products in tins and buckets rather than bags
  • NO RISK return policy – Units & Families can order products to have on hand to sell and know that any product checked out can be returned if undamaged
  • Added selling point of letting customers know that this is a Wisconsin product

Read the 2024 Popcorn Guide & FAQ In-depth guide outlines what a Unit Popcorn Kernel needs to know

Find the slidedeck from the 2024 Kickoffs here --Info on how to place a unit order is on p. 29-35

Important Next Steps

For a sample order of product for 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 Scouts click here.

NOW LIVE- Show & Sell sites: Sign Up Here

Popcorn Distribution Location

Trane Technologies Building 15

2512  S., 21st Place

La Crosse WI 54601

Key Dates

  • August 1, 3, 6, or 8 -- Popcorn Kickoff Events -- attend one with another member of your unit attending the Cub Scout or SBSA Membership session to earn an extra 5% commission!
  • August 1 -- First day of 'friends and family / online ' sales
  • August 28 -- Show & Sell popcorn orders due -- place your order in the prpopcorn.com system
  • September 7 -- Scout Popcorn Kickoff a the Speedway
  • September 17/18 -- Popcorn Distribution at Trane warehouses in La Crosse
  • September 20 -- First day of storefront / show & sell sales
  • October 30 - Last day of sales
  • November 1 - Deadline for any unsold product to be returned
  • November 1 - All 'Take Order" Sale Orders Due
  • November 14 - Final distribution of product
  • December 2 - All popcorn sales money due to Gateway Area Council (Cash or Check)

Prizes for Selling

Units will choose if they want their Scouts to receive prizes for selling popcorn OR if they want to do their own recognition program. Refer to HOW-TO instructions to enter unit prizes. Units NOT doing the prize program will recieve an additional 3% commission.
View the prize program fliers here: Page 1,  Page 2

ALL SCOUTS selling are eligible for a variety of other recognitions. Find all the items here.