Scouts BSA Events

Each Troop will plan and host their own activities and events for their youth.  Additionally, the Gateway Area Council will offer several activities and events for the troops as welll.  Most are held at Camp Decorah, and some will be held at other local venues.


Merit Badge Day

February provides Scouts a great opportunity to learn and earn all that they can with Merit Badge Day, which will will normally be held on the first Saturday in February and the second Saturday in November.


Scout Sunday

February celebrates the inception of the BSA and the 12th Scout Law - Reverent.  Attend Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, or your place of worship on Feburary 8th (the anniversay of Scouting) or the 1st Sunday in Feburary as Scouts around the Nation express their Duty to God and remember how Scouting in the USA began.



February brings a winter adventure to all District Scouts!  A chilly theme for a chilly day, this event focuses on cold weather activities, winter sports, and fun in the snow!  Bring your Troop sled and weather appropriate clothing for this one is always a favorite.  Hot chocolate and mystery soup will be on hand.

National Youth Leader Training

June boasts of the best kind of training around - that's right National Youth Leader Training (NYLT) helps Scouts scout by preparing them for life while learning and applying leadership base activities.



June offers a joint effort between the BSA Scouts and Cub Scouts with the Scrap-a-Thon. It's a day of recycling with proceeds benefiting the Gateway Area Council. Collected Scrap Metal is taken to the La Crosse County Landfill, or collected at Camp Decorah for Recycling.


Summer Camps & Events

June-July boasts one of the major camping highlights for the summer - that's summer camping at  Camp Decorah



October holds the largest event in the Gateway Area Council, the Spook-O-Ree.  A weekend of spooky stories, hayrides, and carnival games along with camp activities wrapped in a costume contest.  Best of all Scouts receive the chance to do a good turn by helping, leading, and running events for area cub scouts.


High Adventure Activities 

Get your motor running to these AMAZING high adventure treks that will create memories to last a lifetime.


Online Camp Decorah Rentals

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