Soaring Eagle District

Soaring Eagle District 

Consists of Buffalo County, Trempealeau County, northwest La Crosse County, and western Jackson County in Wisconsin.  The communities of Alma, Arcadia, Blair, Brice Prairie, Cochrane, Fountain City, Galesville, Gilmanton, Holmen, Mondovi, Osseo, Strum, Trempealeau, and Whitehall are currently served by Scouting units. 

District Committee Meeting

Is held the second Thursday of the month starting 6:00 p.m. at the Town of Trempealeau:    Centerville Curling Club W24854 State Road 54, Centerville, Wisconsin 54630, close to the corner of (WI-54/WI-93).


Is held the second Thursday of the month starting 7:00 p.m. at the Town of Trempealeau:    at the Centerville Curling Club W24854 State Road 54, Centerville, Wisconsin 54630, close to the corner of (WI-54/WI-93).

District Dinner

The Monarch Public House has informed us that they will not be open on May 14, the date of our District Dinner, due to COVID-19. Instead of trying to reschedule the event during this time of uncertainty, we have made the difficult and responsible decision to cancel the 2020 Soaring Eagle District Recognition Dinner. We will target some sort of social gathering in the fall if the situation again allows for safe gatherings of large groups. We will undoubtedly be ready for an evening out with our Scout friends to celebrate after our extended time social distancing and remaining safe at home.


Alma Troop 54 - SM Brad Mikelson

Arcadia Troop 64 - SM Jeff Hulberg

Blair Troop 52 - SM Tom Witcraft

Brice Prairie Troop 21 - SM Brian Jerue

Cochrane-Fountain City Troop 110 - SM Paul Schaffner

Galesville Troop 61 - SM Beth Sveen

Gilmanton Troop 4 - SM Daren Bauer

Holmen Troop 91 - SM Eric Strauss

Osseo Troop 102 - SM Tim Dewitz

Trempealeau Troop 101 - SM Kevin Schied

Whitehall Troop 78 - SM Thomas Stephens



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